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Next Gen Family Magazine, Revive DPC leads the movement in Manatee County

Direct Primary Care is creating a new way of reviving old-school patient-doctor relationships with this innovative and personalized healthcare option. More physicians are joining the DPC movement nationwide because it truly is healthcare simplified.

As health insurance premiums and deductibles rise every year, leading to increasingly greater healthcare costs for patients, many prudent consumers are seeking simpler and more economical options such as Direct Primary Care (DPC).


Dr. Payal Jhawar, a board-certified internal medicine physician in Bradenton, Florida is the founder and CEO of Revive MD Direct Primary Care, one of the rare practices in Manatee County to offer DPC. With a low, affordable monthly fee, Dr. Jhawar can provide quality, evidence-based medical care to members who are looking for a better alternative to current medical practices.

Read the full article in the December issue of Next Gen Family Magazine (pages 76-77).

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