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DPC is an innovative and personalized healthcare option that eliminates the burdens of health insurance for primary care needs. With a low, affordable monthly fee, Dr. Jhawar can provide quality, evidence-based medical care to members of the community.

No. Concierge medicine collects money by billing insurance companies. In addition to this, concierge medicine charges a yearly concierge fee, which can be anywhere from $5000 to as much as $20,000 per year! Even though concierge medicine and DPC physicians have smaller patient panel sizes, DPC is an affordable alternative to concierge medicine. The monthly membership fees associated with DPC include ALL in-person and virtual visits. In this way, DPC eliminates the hassles of insurance companies and puts the focus back on the doctor-patient relationship.

No. Whether you have insurance or not, Dr. Jhawar is happy to see you! She will never bill your insurance or charge you co-pays or deductibles. Her simple, low monthly fee covers all visits. Although she does not provide emergency services, hospital admission or surgical procedures, Dr. Jhawar’s evidence-based primary care model is meant to limit hospitalizations and help patients with 80-90% of their needs. Being part of a DPC practice iscomparable to having good healthcare, but having good insurance is not equivalent to having good healthcare.

No. Revive MD is not an insurance plan. For thosewho do not have any health insurance, Dr. Jhawar does recommend having insurance to cover catastrophic events and hospitalizations. Feel free to ask Dr. Jhawar for a list of recommended medical cost savings plans.

Having health insurance does not equate to having quality healthcare. Even those with traditional health insurance are often unaware of the extra costs and fees associated with office visits, medications and testing. Dr. Jhawar’s transparent fees eliminate cost confusion and allows her to spend more quality time focusing on her patient’s health and goals. If you are healthy, Dr. Jhawar can spend time on preventative screening to keep you healthy in the future. If you have a chronic condition or get sick, Dr. Jhawar is your trusted partner in bettering your health.

Yes, Dr. Jhawar accepts Medicare patients to Revive MD Direct Primary Care’s monthly membership. A waiver must be signed by you and Dr. Jhawar stating that neither you nor the doctor will directly bill Medicare for primary care services. Your Medicare insurance can still be used for laboratory and imaging tests, medications and referrals to specialists that are ordered by Dr. Jhawar at Revive MD.

Dr. Jhawar’s goal is to prevent hospital admissions by providing personalized comprehensive care. However, Revive MD Direct Primary Care is not a replacement for emergency room visits or life-threatening situations. If you are admitted to the hospital, Dr. Jhawar will work closely to coordinate your care with the hospital team and specialists. Once you are discharged, she will review your medical records and follow up with you to help answer any questions you may have about how your hospitalization affects your healthcare journey.

Membership fees are charged monthly to your credit card of choice. Checks and cash are also accepted forms of payment.

Dr. Jhawar recommends checking with your tax advisor to confirm whether you can or cannot use your FSA or HSA to pay for your monthly fee. Many legal changes are being made, and we can work with you to provide any documentation that you need to show the services that are provided with your monthly fee. In the past, the monthly fee for DPC was viewed, under the law, in the same way as an insurance premium.

Yes, there is a one-time, non-refundable $100 enrollment fee.

Yes. This is a monthly membership with no long-term contracts. The goal of DPC is to establish a long-term care model, not to be an intermittent membership that you join when you need it and cancel when you don’t need it.

You may cancel your membership any time before your next monthly bill is due, and we do require a 30-day written notice. Your enrollment fee is non-refundable, and there are no refunds for cancellations after your monthly payment has been made. However, Dr. Jhawar will be available for the duration of the month.

If you decide to join again after cancelling your membership, there will be a re-enrollment fee of $200. Re-enrollment will be subject to availability and at the discretion of Dr. Jhawar.

Dr. Jhawar will let patients know if she will be out of town in advance so that patients can plan their schedules. For after hours and weekends, Dr. Jhawar is available via email for non-urgent needs and via text for urgent needs. If you are away from home and need medical care, Dr. Jhawar is available via telemedicine and phone.

Dr. Jhawar does not prescribe chronic narcotics or start new prescriptions for benzodiazepines, or other medications deemed inappropriate under Dr. Jhawar's sole discretion. She does not diagnose or treat ADHD and does not provide prenatal obstetrics care. She does not treat fractures or complex laceration repairs.

Yes! The monthly membership feeincludes unlimited primary care to you and your employees. Employers can also opt to offer services for employee family members and share in the costs of the membership. It's a great option for employers, who do not provide health insurance, utilize a self-funded plan or offer an additional benefit to employees with a high deductible or catastrophic plan. Interested businesses should contact Dr. Jhawar at info@ReviveDPC.com.